OTCh. Raveline Little Caress TT   "Lady" 1989-2001

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Couleur: Foie et blanche

Père: BIS Am/Can Ch. Telltale Regarde CD "Skipper"





A souvenir photo: Danick (on the left, with Lady) and Loiuse Levesque, Lady's breeder. with her dog BIS Am/Can Ch. Telltale Regarde CD "Skipper"



Imagine this; 1988, a sixteen year-old kid wanting to buy a purebred dog and pay for it himself. That’s what Louise Levesque (right in the photo) had to face. Quite a surprise. I managed to get Lady after many discussions and a few face to face meetings. She was the smallest of the litter but the brightest. I fell into the magic potion that are Springers that day.


Lady and I ruled the obedience rings. We had an average score of 198.75 / 200 in Novice. We finished our CD title in three trials, our CDX in four and our UD in 5, making Lady an OTCh (Obedience Training Champion). We even finished our OTCh at Bonaventure on the Saturday, in the good years of that show.


Lady was simply an obedience machine in the ring. Nothing would disturb her once in action, except maybe an extra jump in between exercises in Open!


She loved to work, no matter the task. A typical Sunday involved an hour of obedience at 7h30 AM, an hour of agility at 12h30 and an afternoon small game hunting. In the evening, after dinner and a brushing, she was always ready for a good walk! In the summer, Lady was at the cottage with my mother and step-father, in the boat, fishing.


Lady became blind at 8 years old, due to Progressive retinal atrophy or PRA. This disease was not well known then. She lived to be 12 years old, at which point she became senile and incontinent. She just had time to meet Scully before she passed. Scully was the only dog to ever be allowed to share Lady’s bed.


Thanks to Lady, I’m now infected with Springer Disease. The only cure is to own one or more Springers ;-) and I’m very glad about that!We sincerely apologize to all who caught this disease because of our Springers.


Thank you, Lady.




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