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    Our website is not always up to date. Please contact us for upcoming litters or follow is on Facebook.





    We are happy to announce the arriva of our first litter in 3 years


    The litter is from IronMan out of Venus. The litter of 7 wonderful black and white males was born on December 13 2018. They will be ready to go to new homes on February 14 2019.


    You may contact us for more details or resevations.






    A deposit of 200$ is necessary and is non-refundable. It will be deducted from the puppy’s purchase price. If a puppy of the desired sex or color is not available, the breeder will offer the buyer the choice of a puppy of the other sex or color. If refused by the buyer, the deposit will be transferred to the next litter or cancelled , without any refund. The deposit is non –transferable to another buyer without the breeder’s written consent.


    The breeder reserves the right to cancer a reservation for any motive and to refund the deposit to the buyer, without recourse by said buyer, without any other compensation.


    The breeder cannot guarantee a birthdate or delivery date for the puppies as it is impossible to control these events.



Please contact us for more information.


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