BPIS Can Ch. Society's Star of Venus   "Venus"

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Lieu de naissance: Chenil Society

Date de naissance: 11 octobre 2011

Lieu de Résidence: with us at Society


Couleur: Noire et blanche

Père: Serenade's Winning Formula    "Jaxon"

Mère: Society's Lady of the Lake   "Saki"

OFFA: Hanches "Trop jeune", Coudes "Trop jeune".

CERF: Normal



Venus is the youngest of the family. She is already our new star.


Venus wrote a page all her own in our history by finishing her championship in three weekends with five 2-point majors, by beating adult dogs, for a total of 11 points at the tender age of 7 1/2 months. She even beat her grand-mother, Magic for Best of Breed at a very tender 6 months of age, surprising us all. She is now our youngest and fastest finishing champion, faster than her great-grand-sire, Mulder, who finished at the age of 8 1/2 months.


One page of our history book wasn't enough for our new star. In the very same weekend, Miss Venus wrote another page by winning our kennel's very first Best Puppy In Show (BPIS).


Venus is sweet and outgoing and she loves to show. She is a charmer and a typical Springer in temperament: she loves people and will do anything for a treat or a scratch behind the ears!


With luck, Venus will join our breeding program in a few years.


Please contact us for more information.






The first Best Puppy In Show (BPIS) of our history

 with Venus - May 2012 Thetford Mine, Quebec

New Champion withVenus - May 2012 Thetford Mine, Quebec



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